Mike Rogers
Customer Review
Traveling from Ohio down here to see friends and having to travel again the following day I came in there shop at 8 told em the issue (coolant pushing from radiator cap) they had seen the same thing before on another car and knew just what it was (thermostat issue) they quoted me rite away and within 10 min of me arriving my car was in there shop getting worked on later that afternoon they called it was all fixed and ready to go they were super fair on the pricing and very friendly and beyond nice to get me in the same day so we could travel the next. The local dodge dealer down the road from them said 24-48hr just to diagnose so I'd highly recommend using these guys.
John Neubauer
Customer Review
Adam and Kevin, You guys are great! My 1996 Corvette was throwing codes and you guys straightened her out. The original Optispark supplied to you was faulty, and you replaced with with a new one at no charge, no questioned asked. You even kept if for a couple of days to drive it to make sure everything was sorted. VERY pleased, and I would highly recommend you and your crew! John Neubauer Gainesville GA
Jodi F
Customer Review
My car began having issues with smoke from the exhaust. I took it to my local trusted mechanic who made a repair, but the smoke was still there. The mechanic told me my car needed advanced diagnostics that he didn't have in his shop. I took my car to another mechanic with the diagnostics. Unfortunately, they didn't perform the diagnostics needed and were adamant I needed an entirely new engine. It just didn't sit well with me and I called back my trusted local mechanic to ask his opinion and he said Hamby's would be the best-suited place to take my car. And he was so right! I did not need a new engine, I needed some seals replaced and spark plugs. I picked my car up and it's running like a dream again. Hamby's pricing was fair and Adam was very thorough in his diagnostics and explaining everything to me. Hamby's isn't close to my house, but well worth the drive for a shop that isn't out to take advantage and will dive into finding the problems. I will absolutely be using Hamby's for my future car repairs.
Teresa Barrera
Customer Review
I was just in my last day of vacation and my car broke down, and the next day we had to go back home - Florida- I took my car to Hamby’s and it was fixed the same day. Thank you Adam for your prompt service and patience (I called him like 4 times and he didn’t complain, always with the same nice attitude)
Rich Jans
Customer Review
Just had my vehicle repaired. You guys did a great job. When I called to check on my vehicle, everyone was courteous and understanding, never did they put me off. You guys were great!

I went to Hamby's a couple of weeks ago for emissions tests on my 2 vehicles. They took care of me quickly.  My truck came due for an oil change so I gave Hambys a try. I drove in and they took me right away.
It took about 45 minutes but they rotated my tires, checked on a "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault" warning light, performed a vehicle inspection and made some maintenance recommendations. Total cost out the door: $61.95. I'll be back. - Matt F. (recommended on Facebook)

Thank you, Adam for getting my daughter's tire repaired this morning so they could get the volleyball team safe to TN. - Dana P. (recommended on Facebook)

Your car data owned by manufacturers now

Newer Vehicles Generate as Much As 25GB of Data/Hour according to McKinsey.  Now That is Extremely Interesting!  It is also daunting as we now need to know "what data" right?  You also want to know where it is going if anywhere and who owns the data?  All interesting questions that we never thought about.  Just get in and drive, choose a destination and if a light goes off in the dash you call us here at Hamby's Automotive Inc to schedule an appointment.   We want our Cumming drivers to be informed as always and able to make their choices based on having facts.  This is a big change in the automotive-truck service industry and it really has not hit the news at all, so it is up to us to get you up-to-date and informed.  Here are the facts and where you can find more information!

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