20 years with Hamby's!

Hamby's staff are honest and good people. I've been with them for twenty years and they have always been great. - Mark R.

A truly great place to take my car!

The staff of Hamby's always go more than the "extra mile" to accomodate their customers!!! Scheduling is always easy and the courtesy shown by all their staff is amazing! The service is always done without any need to bring the car back for "adjustments" ect. I appreciate the honesty shown by all. Truly, this is one great place to take care of my car!!! I can't say enough.......!!! :-) - George B.

Thanks for the recommendation and alignment!

Thanks for prompt and courteous service. My dealer furnished the 2 new tires you recommended, much to my surprise. Their records did show 4 new tires for that car at 21000 mi. My car handles much better with your alignment and balance. - Linda C.

Hamby's Auto knows how to take care of customers!

Finding repair people who help you save money while fixing your vehicle properly is difficult. Hamby's is one of those places where the owners believe fairness and service are words to live by, not just an ad slogan. They provide top notch work, friendly, accessible and you deal with owners who have generations of experience fixing anything. Send your mom, girlfriend or anyone and don't worry about getting ripped off. They take care of customers like people used to before corporations. Period. Nuff said! - Chris D.